I love my dog dearly, I really do, but he's a little monster. He's been eating things he's not supposed to eat since the day I brought him home, and I don't imagine that it's ever going to stop. He's eaten couch cushions, pillows, rugs, glasses, pens, chapstick, shoes, birth control pills... I could go on forever. Most recently, he ate my brand new razor. I was home visiting my mom for the holidays (whom my dog lives with), and he chewed the crap out of my $20 razor, blades and all. I tried to yell at him because I was pretty angry, but he's just too darn cute to stay mad at (he's the dark one in the above photo)!

This morning we took to Facebook to ask you about the things your dog ate that they were NOT supposed to, and we got some hilarious responses. Here are some of our favorites:

Has your dog ever eaten something they weren't supposed to? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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