Conoco offers 10 cents off a gallon if you use the MyConoco app and pay at the pump. You have to register yourself in the app and connect it to your bank account, as it will be used just like your debit card.

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Hansen's Dairy Conoco in Cedar Falls is offering an extra 15 cents off in conjunction with the Conoco discount, but only until April 1. Jordan Hansen explains how it works:

With gas prices climbing, it's a great idea to seek options to save some change at the pump. Gas station apps are a great way to save. Also, if you don't have a HyVee Fuel Saver card, you're really missing out. With that, when you buy groceries, you'll get certain amounts off when you purchase marked items. The weekly flyers offer some help finding what items have a fuel discount, and you can see the items as you shop, with a tag saying what the discount is on that specific item. For instance, last year, after a trip to the store to get groceries, my wife bought many of the things with a fuel discount. A couple of days later when she was almost on "E" (no idea why she waits to the last drop to fill up), she slid her Fuel Saver card before she pumped and paid this:

Shawn Foxx
Shawn Foxx

That is just a little less than a penny a gallon!! Imagine the savings NOW when you rack up that much in fuel discounts!

If you are like me and commute, OR you just want to find ways to save any amount when you're filling up, Google "How to save money at the gas pump"

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