DIRECTV took a look at over 25,000 Instagram posts with the hashtag "game day" to figure out which foods each state prefers during big sporting events. Apparently, Iowa is all about the chicken!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm not big into watching sports. But, if you invite me to a tailgate party, I will attend 100% of the time. You know why? THE FOOD. Is there anything better than a platter full of meat and cheese and dips and salty snacks? The answer is no.

Not surprisingly, I'm all about nachos. It's my number one favorite food and my number one favorite game day food. But nachos didn't take the number one spot for ANY of the 50 states! I'm shocked!

As far as Iowa goes, the number one #GameDay food is chicken. Nothing specific, just chicken. Nothing unusual there. But there are some states with some super out-of-the-ordinary answers. For example, Nevada and South Dakota prefer vegan snacks, the people in Utah eat a lot of pumpkin, and several states, like Maine and Montana, spend game day eating eggs benedict.

Do you think Iowa's result is correct? What is your favorite #GameDay food? Leave your answer in the comments.

See a full listing for all 50 states HERE.

[Via USA Today]