The votes are in!

On the first day of the Iowa State Fair a couple of weeks ago, the Iowa Governor, Acting Lt. Governor, and the IDOT Director revealed three possible new Iowa license plates. Iowans were then able to vote on their favorite online and also at the fair. On Sunday night, voting ended for those new Iowa license plates, and an official winner was crowned! It was announced yesterday that the new license plate for our great state will be: City and Country Reboot.

Iowa DOT via
Iowa DOT via

Out of 291,095 total votes, City and Country Reboot garnered 113,299 of the votes. According to CBS 2, Flying Our Colors came in 2nd place, and Great Wide Open was last. We'll start to see the new plates sometime in 2018.

City and Country Reboot is the one I voted for, so I'm pretty happy! What do you think of our new license plate? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

[Via CBS 2]

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