Do me a favor, cue up John Williams Olympics theme song in your head... got it? Okay, read on!

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As you likely know from, if nothing else, the TV commercials, it's winter Olympics time! With lots of cold weather competitions set to kick off next Friday, that means endless snow and ice-filled events like hockey, curling, bobsledding, speed, and figure skating. So, are you excited?

I like the winter games, so I am. But with the summer games being in 2021, I think a lot of us are Olympicsed out. However, here in Iowa, there is one sport we, apparently, are all really looking forward to.

Iowans are gaga over figure skating

So it turns out its not hockey we want to see. It's not the ski jump, oh no no... it's figure skating. With the recent news, Cedar Rapids native Timothy LeDuc will participate, which could be part of the excitement. Or, it could be Iowans are basic. According to Upgraded Points, 22 other states are also fired up for figure skating.

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash
Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

The article goes on to say 9 states are most excited for the luge, and only 4 states for hockey. Isn't hockey supposed to sort of be the winter Olympics sport? USA vs. Russia... USA vs. Canada... USA vs THE WORLD! No?

Curling enjoys being a favorite in 3 states including Nebraska and Minnesota. Alpine skiing and the ski jump each have 2 states most excited. So there you go, all that snow and we're most excited about sports on ice, that we could theoretically have any time of year, even in the summer. I'm good with it. For the record, I'm most excited to watch the lugers. It's bobsledding, but just Bob (thank you, Jerry Seinfeld, for that one).

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