We sure do have some amazingly kind people here in the Hawkeye State!

Last August, in the aftermath of the Iowa derecho, there were lots of people in our community that went above and beyond to help out. One of those local heroes is Willie Ray, the owner of Willie Ray's Q Shack in Cedar Rapids. To refresh your memory, Willie spent weeks traveling around the Cedar Rapids area feeding anyone and everyone that needed food. He gave away a countless number of free meals, simply because he wanted to help the community. He even won awards for his efforts!

In the months since the derecho, Willie's generosity has only increased. Back in February, he and his team traveled to Texas to feed folks that were hit hard by the unexpected winter storm. Now, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, he's headed down south once again. He made the announcement yesterday on the Willie Ray's Q Shack Facebook page. It reads:

"We're ready to make another trip. We planning on leaving Monday to head to Louisiana and feed hurricane victims and lineman whoever may need a meal."

If you'd like to contribute to Willie Ray and his mission to feed as many people in Louisiana that he possible can, you can donate via Venmo. The official account is @willieraysqshack.

Willie Ray isn't the only Iowan that's going down to Louisiana to help out! According to a recent article from the Cedar Rapids Gazette, "Alliant Energy, MidAmerican Energy and the regional Red Cross are all sending teams to Louisiana to help victims of Hurricane Ida." You can read more on their contributions in the article HERE.

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