Donating a life-saving organ to a family member is one thing, but to give one to someone you've never met? That's unbelievably special. And when the person who's going to receive that organ isn't yet two-years-old... that is heaven-sent, especially to the child and their parents.

Ryder Geisler is a 22-month-old from Minnesota who's in desperate need of a kidney. His young life revolves around dialysis, which he's on twelve hours each day. His mother, Desiree Teubert, says he has no kidney function at all. She told KCCI,

He's been on dialysis since he was born. Doctors gave him less than 1% to make it so he is just a true miracle. He was on life support the first three weeks of his life and spent the first six months of his life at the hospital.

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After seeing Desiree's online plea for a kidney donor for her son last summer, Heather Kimbrough of Eagle Grove, Iowa was moved. Moved to act. She filled out an online application and then went through a series of tests. Kimbrough says those tests weren't for her behalf, but for Ryder, if she were a match for him. The last thing she wanted to do was pass something to the young boy.

It turns out Kimbrough was almost a perfect match. She shared with KCCI, "I feel grateful that I can give this to him... help him have a normal life."

Teubert and her fiance Kyle Geisler are beyond grateful. Teubert said, "There is no way to repay her. There is no words that I can describe to give my child a second chance at life. I'm speechless. I really am.".

Dr. Vanessa Humpreville will be doing Kimbrough's surgery to remove one of her kidneys. The doctor has already done a kidney transplant for one 2-year-old in her career. She described that young patient as someone who couldn't walk or talk. She explained to KCCI the drastic difference in the boy when she saw him in the hospital just four months later:

Sorry, I still get a little choked up about it, but he came running up to me and it was just night and day. He was talking. He could walk.

Heather Kimbrough will have surgery to remove one of her kidneys on March 19. We send prayers and well wishes to both her and Ryder in advance of their surgeries. And thank you to Heather and all the other people who make these incredible, life-changing donations.

Desiree Teubert, Facebook
Desiree Teubert, Facebook87f

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