It's regarded all over the nation as the best new tradition in college football and now this new 'Iowa Wave' t-shirt is going to directly benefit the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital.

Three families, the Willis', Mickelson's, and Phillips', have gotten together to create the Iowa City Fights Together Wave shirt. All of the profits of the shirts, which can be purchased in both adult and youth sizes, will go to the children's hospital. Adult shirts (X Small to XL) are 30 dollars. Sizes XXL and XXXL are two dollars more. Youth sizes are all eighteen dollars.

The shirts went on sale for the first time on Sunday and sold over 500 in the first day. The goal is to have tons of Hawkeye fans wearing them for the "Blackout" game, where all fans are asked to wear black. That game is Saturday, November 4.

It's hard to believe just how incredibly fast the Iowa wave has caught on. Consider that Iowa's first home game, and the first wave, was just 38 days ago. It's amazing how many people have been touched by this simple gesture.

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