Since moving to Iowa three years ago, I have discovered so many wonderful restaurants that are unique to our state. In fact, one of my favorite things about Iowa is how much great food we have here. That's why I am severely disappointed by this article.

The website Thrillist put together a list ranking each state on how good their food is. Out of all 50 states, Iowa came in at 45. Here's the reasoning behind it:

"How does America's largest pork producing state (by far) not have a better barbecue scene? And don't try waving that pork tenderloin sandwich in our faces, as its comically out-of-whack meat-to-bun ratio makes it unwieldy."

Ok, I get that Iowa isn't the most popular state in America. We don't have a huge population like California or Texas or New York, and we're landlocked. The Midwest typically gets hated on a lot by the rest of the country, and even other Midwest states. Every time I go back to Michigan I hear joke after joke about living here. But guess what? Every single one of my friends that has come to visit has really enjoyed it here, ESPECIALLY the food! I don't feel like the people who created this survey have done their fair share of Iowa eating. Give us a chance to prove ourselves! I mean, just look at some of the magic I've had here:

According to the survey, the only states that are ranked worse than us are New Hampshire, Delaware, Nebraska, North Dakota, and West Virginia.

Check out the rest of the results HERE.

[Via Thrillist]

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