The tiny town of Frederika, in northeast Iowa, has an annual fireworks display totally paid for by money they raise throughout the year. That's being made VERY difficult in 2017, thanks to thieves.

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Amazingly, they've had large amounts of cans stolen not once, not twice, but THREE times. The first time was in March. According to a post on the volunteer fire department's Facebook page, they caught that culprit.

October 5 they were hit again. Two weeks to the day later, the two thieves came back with a larger vehicle so they could take even more! Never fear, Frederika's security cameras were on the job and two people have been arrested. Jason Scanlan, Frederika's fire chief, said in a video from KWWL the two suspects are "good customers of the Bremer County Sheriffs Department, and Butler and Black Hawk so as soon as they saw it they knew right away who it was."

Frederika, population 189 last year, can't afford any more thievery. However, at this point who would be stupid enough to try it again? After all, Frederika and the Bremer County Sheriff's Office are 3-0.

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