Her loss is unimaginable, but she's coping the best she can and talks about the loved ones she lost and how she's looking forward with her surviving son.

When a powerful EF-4 tornado struck Winterset, Iowa on the afternoon of Saturday, March 5, Kuri Bolger, her husband Mike, and their three children (above) were visiting Kuri's parents. The storm would take her parents' home, and many lives with it.

The Bolger family was visiting from Blue Springs, Missouri when the storm hit. Mike, 37, was killed, as were the couple's two youngest children, 5-year-old Kinlee and 2-year-old Owen. The three are in the photo below.

Kuri Bolger
Kuri Bolger

The tornado also killed Kuri's 62-year-old mother, Melissa Bazley.

Kuri, her step-father, brother, and her oldest son, 8-year-old Brysen, all survived. Kuri and Brysen were both injured. Suri suffered injuries to her left leg and left arm, that both required surgery. Earlier this week, she announced both she and Brysen had had their boots removed, but that she was going to have surgery on her pelvis.

Monday, Kuri appeared on Good Morning America (video below) and talked about the son, daughter, husband, and mother that she lost. She promised she will "Try to carry their lights out." However, Kuri knows it will be extremely difficult: "It’s a roller coaster of emotion. I think there’s going to be really hard days and there's gonna be days that it’s a little bit easier."

Our continued prayers to Kuri, Brysen, and their family. The video below was created by Brysen.

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