Students in Monticello, Iowa showed up to school today in true Jason Aldean fashion. Students could be seen cruising in to the school parking lot in their big green tractors, according to KCRG-TV9! Ok, so they may not all have been green, but you get the idea.

In honor of FFA Week, today is 'Drive a Tractor to School Day'! The Monticello Express reports that nearly 30 students of the FFA Monticello Chapter took part in the the event that started at the Jones Regional Education Center in Monticello and of course ended at Monticello High School. It may have been a little cold out for this, but as you can see from the video, it appears they were having a blast!

Before you break out your big green tractor and drive it all over town, remember you may want to wait until the weather is a little warmer. For example, like at the Great Jones County Fair! In fact, you can drive your tractor straight to Jason Aldean himself since he's headlining that Thursday night. Get all of the show details right HERE. In the meantime, enjoy this very fitting video.

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