In today's world, the majority of us make purchases using our debit or credit cards. In fact, it can kind of be a pain to have to take cash out. That's especially true when we get charged a fee at an ATM for taking our own money out. This has been the case at the Iowa State fair since we can remember, but not for long.

Beginning in 2020, the Iowa State Fair will require all food and drink vendors to accept credit and debit cards, KCCI reports. No more having to take out cash to get all of that delicious fried food. Concessions director Mike Nye says research shows people tend to spend more per transaction when using cards and most prefer cashless payment options, hence the change.

The report states that the vendors will be required to use Clover cash registers (which accepts debit and credit) and can even begin using them this year. It's not required until 2020 to "allow vendors to spread out expenses and train employees" on the new system. Don't worry cash payers, you can still use those dollar bills to get your grub at the fair.

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