Do you remember your folks saying, "driving is a privilege, not a right!" They were correct. Using that as a metric for driving throughout life, shouldn't it mean if you're no longer fully capable of safely driving, you have to forfeit your license? Say you break a driving law, get a DUI, or cause an accident due to distracted driving. You lose, even if it's for a short time, your driving privilege. You often have to take a test to get your license back when the time comes.

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So, when your body begins to slow as you advance in age, shouldn't you have to prove that you're able to continue safely operating a motor vehicle? With Iowas being a true four-season state, shouldn't you have to prove you can continue to handle the privilege that is driving? I think so.

I'm not alone in thinking seniors should retest

According to a study from Coventry Direct, over 60% of people in Iowa believe people should have to retake their driver’s test at age 68. Going one step further, the study found 1 in 4 people believe at the age of 84, we should no longer be allowed to drive. To me, that's a bit extreme as no two people are the same. But for sure, seniors should have to retest. In my opinion, every five years you should be required to retest.

The same study also asked drivers about driving and aging. It found 78.2% of drivers say seeing or reading signs at night has gotten harder with age. Yet another reason to require retesting.

Retesting is not a form of ageism

Requiring folks to take a driver's test at age 68, or around that age, is not a form of ageism. It's a way to keep motorists safe. The same reason insurance rates are higher for teens, seniors who aren't retested could very well be more dangerous on Iowa roads. While no one wants to be forced to give anything up because of a number, lest we forget: driving is a privilege, not a right.

What do you think?

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