Iowans are another step closer to being able to buy fireworks in the state. The Iowa state senate voted Tuesday to legalize the sale of commercial fireworks in Iowa. Now before you start setting off your Roman Candles in celebration there are a few catches.

The senate bill would allow for the sale of fireworks to adults in permanent structures between June 1st and July 8th and December 10th and January 3rd. Sales from temporary structures like tents would be restricted to between June 13th and July 8th of each year. There would also be restrictions put on when you could set off fireworks.

The bill allows counties and cities to opt out of the use of fireworks, but not the sale of the products. Fireworks will not be sold to anyone under the age of 18. A violation could result in a fine of $250 or more.

I've been calling for the legalization of fireworks in Iowa for years. The nearly 80-year-old law is silly and outdated. Thousands of Iowans leave our state every year and bring back fireworks from states like Missouri and Wisconsin. All of that money could be kept in state with the overturning of the current law. I think this bill is a good start, but once again lawmakers are fearful of going all the way. They oppose on the grounds of safety. They oppose on the grounds of not wanting to see tent cities pop up near our borders and in poorer urban areas. Those quotes play well in the media, but it's really all about money, isn't it?

The bill now goes to the Iowa House where bipartisan support is expected. Could this be the first 4th of July in Iowa where I can LEGALLY set off my fireworks that were purchased in Iowa? Here's hoping!


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