Fall, my favorite time of year, is almost here! The changing of the leaves and cooler temperatures are a welcome change. But there are other things that change this time of year. The animals. They start moving around. A lot. In fact, Iowa ranks near the top when it comes to accidents on the roadways involving animals.

Farmers Insurance has revealed that 36% of claims filed due to a car versus animal accidents happen between September and November. The most likely culprit? Deer. If you've lived in Iowa for any amount of time, you know that they're out there, and in the fall, the get more active. Migration patterns are part of it, but mostly, it's the mating season called the rut that has deer darting all over the place!

The states with the highest percentage of animal collision accidents include:

  1. West Virginia - 69%
  2. Iowa - 65%
  3. Montana - 62%
  4. Wisconsin - 62%
  5. Pennslyvania - 59%

Some tips to help avoid animal collisions? Use your high beams when possible. Stay in the center lane on a multi-lane highway. Be aware of warning signs in high traffic areas. And if you do see a deer, don't swerve! Swerving at a high speed increases the chances of a severe accident like a rollover.


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