In the battle against COVID-19, we were able to get little miracles of modern medicine quicker than anyone imagined. Vaccines were rolled out late in 2020, less than a year after the first COVID cases were reported in the United States. The rollout was on! Seniors and first responders and medical professionals were up first! But the rollout has gone much slower than anticipated, with some states fairing far worse than others.

Take the state of Iowa for example. Governor Kim Reynolds announced on Thursday that Iowa ranks 46th in the nation in vaccine doses being allocated, according to KCRG. That means only four other states receive fewer doses per capita than the state of Iowa. At her press conference yesterday, the governor revealed that Iowa only gets around 19,500 doses of the vaccine per week. Sure, our state isn't as populated as others but that simply isn't enough to get people vaccinated in a timely manner.

The state's weekly allotment of vaccines will double the second week of February, and and get an additional 10,000 per week after that through March, according to KCRG. But those plans could change under the new Biden administration. Officials in the new administration are frustrated at the lack of planning on the vaccine rollout from the previous administration, saying that they're having to play catch up. Governor Reynolds said that President Trump never responded to her questions about Iowa's low vaccine levels. She says that the state clearly deserves more, especially with its high population of senior citizens.

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