A central Iowa couple has been arrested after their child was taken to a hospital with multiple broken bones.

According to the Newton Police Department, authorities were called to MercyOne Newton Medical Center on Tuesday, November 24, 2020 after a baby, with a broken arm, arrived at the hospital. When doctors did a full examination of the baby, they also found the child had a broken rib.

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The Newton Daily News reports the baby's injuries were determined to be "inconsistent with an accident."

Officers from the Newton Police Department interviewed the child's parents, Jessica and Stormy Agan. They had been caring for the child before the baby was transported to MercyOne Newton Medical Center. During police interviews, the parents provide different explanations of what could have caused the baby's broken bones.

The Iowa Department of Human Services (IDHS) joined the investigation, along with Newton Police. IDHS was able to get additional medical records on the baby. That information showed the child had received treatment for a broken leg. The Newton Daily News says doctor’s described that injury as a "highly specific fracture from non-accidental trauma."

Following their 3-month investigation, Newton Police arrested Jessica and Stormy Agan, both 21, on Thursday, February 25. They each have been charged with child endangerment (two counts) and child neglect or abandonment (one count). They are being held, without bond, at the Jasper County Jail in Newton.

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