Disturbing news out of eastern Iowa this afternoon as officials in Benton County are searching for a person of interest in an animal torture case. 

According to KCRG, Benton County authorities are asking for the public's help in locating 30-year-old Chad Alan Toney for allegedly stealing and torturing a cat. The report states that this investigation comes after a widely-shared social media post. The post "alleges Toney stole a cat named Gladys." The post also reportedly includes "photos and videos that appear to show the cat in stages of being tortured. Some of the photos include captions like 'Say bye bye little kitty' and 'Look at that not moving no more'." No other details have been released, but the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information regarding this disturbing matter is encouraged to contact the Benton County Sheriff's Office at 319-472-2337.

If you ever see an animal being neglected or abused, please do not hesitate to inform local law enforcement or area shelters. Last Hope Animal Rescue, Safe Haven of Iowa County, and Dogs Forever are among several rescue organizations in the area that will help get abused or neglected animals out of poor or life-threatening situations and place them in loving homes.

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