Iowa native and Hollywood hunk (so my wife tells me) Jason Momoa is a rising star in Hollywood, to say the least. His role as Khal Drogo in 'Game of Thrones' put Jason Momoa on the map for sure, but his turn as Aquaman really made him a household name. While Jason was born in Hawaii, he was raised by his mom in Norwalk, Iowa.

Well now, the musclebound Momoa stars in his softest, erm, frostiest role yet. Deadline reports that Jason's been tapped to play Frosty The Snowman for a live-action version of the Christmas time favorite. You read that correctly, he's gonna be Frosty. Now, sadly we won't actually see Jason dressed as a giant, lovable snowman, which is a major tragedy. He is going to be voicing a CGI Frosty. Oh, and he probably WON'T use the same voice he used for Khal Drogo which is another tragedy in my opinion.

Are you excited to see or, more specifically, hear Jason voice Frosty? Are you excited about a live-action Frosty? Has Hollywood officially run out of ideas? I have so many questions...

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