When you're pregnant with another child, exactly how to handle that with your kids can be a real challenge. For one eastern Iowa family who was gracious enough to share the funny video below, things didn't go well. I mean they didn't go well at all. I give you three-year-old Tate's reaction to finding out he'll soon be a big brother.
*Please be sure to watch the video below before you read the rest of the story.

Did you notice how Tate hollered immediately when mom said: "pink balloons, it's a girl?" The cutie thought they would be blue, but no such luck for this little guy. When mom reminded Tate that pink balloons meant he was going to have a baby sister, Tate is displeased. REALLY displeased. Forget the present the baby sent, the little guy was past the point of return.

I'm happy to report mom says, "he has recovered from his disappointment and agreed to keep his little sister. 😂"

Congratulations mom, dad, and Tate. I know Tate will have a very different look on his face when he sees the little bundle of joy for the first time. And from someone who has a younger sister, I have to tell you, they're pretty darn awesome.

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