This has to have been one of the weirdest calls this police department has ever received. I mean, can you imagine? It probably went something like this... 'Uh, yeah, we need your help. We can't get this guy out of the shower.' Police: 'How long's he been in there?' Caller: 'You wouldn't believe it if I told you.'

It happened over a two-day period in Plymouth, Indiana. An Iowa man had apparently stopped at the truck stop on Gary Drive on Wednesday, June 22, and paid for a shower. I'm guessing by the timeline provided by ABC 57, that happened at around 10 p.m. Wednesday evening.

Time began to tick away. An hour. Two hours. Three hours. Allegedly, after four-plus hours, truck stop workers called the Plymouth Police Department Thursday morning just after 2:10 a.m. That's when they shared the undoubtedly odd conversation about needing help cause a guy wouldn't open the shower door.

When officers arrived, the dude reportedly still absolutely wouldn't leave the shower. So an employee unlocked the shower door. Even then, he wouldn't leave. Police asked him several more times to vacate the premises... they're giving you the chance to NOT get arrested, sir. The man, who may or may not have developed gills by this point, wouldn't budge.

Photo by Harris Vo on Unsplash
Photo by Harris Vo on Unsplash

That left just one choice for police who charged 36-year-old Skakir J. Farah of Sioux City, Iowa with criminal trespass. That's a Class A misdemeanor in the state of Indiana. If he's convicted, that's gonna end up being one expensive shower.

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