A young couple just starting their married life suffered an unspeakable tragedy on Tuesday. An Iowa man who was on his honeymoon in Florida drowned while swimming yesterday.

The incident happened late yesterday afternoon at a beach near St. Augustine, Florida. Authorities were called to the area after receiving a call about a swimmer in distress. When they arrived, they saw paramedics loading 22 year-old Dalton Cottrell into the back of a truck to be taken to the hospital. Cottrell's wife said that the two were on their honeymoon and that it was his first time in the water. They were both swimming in the ocean when currents pulled them in deeper.

Cottrell's wife said that she tried to help him stay about the water, but was unable to keep him afloat. After being under the surface for more than a minute, he resurfaced. A nearby surfer paddled over and helped the couple get to shore. A lifeguard performed CPR, but Cottrell was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The couple is from Malcolm, Iowa.


[via KCRG]

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