Last year, Rob Merritt of Cedar Rapids put out a post saying:

 "Once again, made a video for the Iowa Film Quarantine weekly cell-phone challenge (has to be shot entirely on a phone, and can only use cast who live at home with you). So of course, I went the 80s parody route. I hope Billy Joel won't be too mad at me for this. (Note: The original "We Didn't Start The Fire" is obviously the copyright of Billy Joel.)"

He created his first song solely based on that idea.

This lead to his viral hit "This Year Is Dumpster Fire" which he released 8 months ago (well, part one at least) in early April, only a little over 3 months into 2020.  Some may say the song prematurely jumped to conclusions about what the rest of the year would hold, but as we progressed through 2020 it became clear that Rob's assumptions were correct.

Part one received over a million views on countless platforms, so he rolled with it, and later into the year 2020 he created a part two because let's be honest, the 3 minutes of part one is not nearly enough time to dive into the train wreck that was 2020.

Finally, he created a part three to round out the year. This Iowan creatively explained every horrible part of 2020 with these hits and even made it rhyme while doing so. For the final part, he even brought in his friends and fellow Iowans, including yours truly, to add their own little flare of individuality in regards to the 2020 experience.  Don't worry, this was coordinated according to social distancing guidelines; everyone sent in clips that were then added into the music video by Rob.

If you want to give a final goodbye to 2020 and experience a catchy recap of everything that happened, check out these videos!

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