You talk about strange news. The Des Moines Police Department has confirmed they responded to a banana assault on New Year's Eve.

It all happened at a QuikTrip in the 3900 block of SE 14th St. in Des Moines at about 3 a.m. Tuesday. According to KCCI, 26-year-old Rogelio Tapia took after a QuikTrip store clerk after they tried to prevent a domestic issue in the store. Witnesses told police that Tapia threw a banana and other items at the clerk of the store as he was chasing them around the store.

Des Moines Police confirmed it really did happen, via a post on their Facebook page:

Tapia is facing a variety of charges. They include Simple Assault, Third-Degree Criminal Mischief, Interference with Official Acts, and Assault on Persons in Certain Occupations.

The total damage report was about $1,000. That clearly was a very green banana... and Tapia must have a very good arm.

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