I know what you're thinking. How can one person get charged by police three times in one night? It's certainly not easy, but a 40-year-old Iowa man managed to pull it off earlier this week.

Tuesday night, June 22, and the early hours of the following morning were busy for the Carroll, Iowa Police Department, because of the man below. Kenneth K. Harris was stopped by police not once, not twice, but three times within a matter of hours.

Carroll County Jail
Carroll County Jail

It all started Tuesday evening when Harris was stopped and charged with the failure to provide proof of financial liability (insurance) and driving without a valid license. That was tame compared to the next two stops of Harris that night.

KCCI reports that later in the evening a Carroll police officer pulled Harris over on suspicion of drunk driving. He ultimately was charged with his first offense of Operating While Intoxicated. Oh, and he was also cited with the same two things he'd been charged with earlier in the evening (the insurance and driver's license charges).

How was that not the end of Harris' night? He's got to sleep it off, appear before a judge the following morning, and post bond, right? Not when the Carroll County Jail is full up. Harris was released.

Imagine the surprise of the same Carroll Police Officer early Wednesday morning when the officer saw Harris' vehicle drive by. The officer had to be thinking, 'that's not possible.' Wrong.

The officer followed Harris, who parked his car at an apartment building. According to KCCI, the criminal complaint from the officer says that when Harris stepped from behind the wheel,

It was apparent at this time that he was more intoxicated than my previous encounter with him. Inside the vehicle, a partially drank Bud Light Chelada and a partially drank bottle of Fireball Whiskey. Neither of those beverages were in the vehicle during the previous encounter.

The officer then took Harris back to jail where he was charged with Operating While Intoxicated (first offense because he hadn't been convicted on the charge from earlier that night yet). Harris was also charged with the insurance and driver's license violations for the third time, and this time a charge for an open container was included, as well.

After his third "meeting" of the night with Carroll Police, Harris stayed in jail... at least for a while. He ended up being released later in the day on Wednesday after posting bond. He'll see authorities again on July 1 when he appears in court. Hopefully, they won't see him again prior to that.

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