One bill that's close to becoming law is not setting well with some electric car owners. That's because it would require them to pay a yearly fee.

According to WHOTV, the bill in question would tax electric and hybrid car owners and then use some of the money to help pay for roads. Those roads that it would be helping are "already covered by the taxes that car owners pay when they fuel their vehicle." Since electric car owners have decreased fuel costs, the state isn't making as much. The report sheds light on how the state has started to see a decline in money for road repairs as more people begin to drive electric cars. The less fuel purchased equals the less money the state gets for the road repairs.

The bill is headed to the governor's desk and if it's signed, Iowa would be among 20 states that have extra fees for owners of electric vehicles. What are your thoughts on the yearly fees? Let us know in the comments.

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