Iowa lawmakers are looking at updating a state liquor bill that would allow local distilleries to sell their product on site for consumption. Some of Iowa's laws on alcohol have not been updated since the 20's & 30's prohibition era.

A special state task force was formed over the winter to take another look and see what they could come up with moving forward. From the QC Times, Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery owner Jeff Quint says...“It’s the bill that we need to get parity with the states around us, and it also puts spirits closer to a level playing field with beer and wine in the state. It’s what we’ve been looking for.”

Local breweries and wineries are allowed to sell their goods on site in single glasses, but according to an outdated Iowa law, distilleries are not able to do the same.

Distillers in the past have lobbied for a change, but could never garner enough support. This time however, proposed legislation is not being opposed by any vested interest. The current proposal would allow the small distilleries to sell their product on site. Also in the proposal is for large distilleries to have sample tastings which currently is against the law.

Andy Anderson, an attorney for Templeton Rye told the QC Times “When people go to visit a winery or a brewery or a distillery, they do a tour, and then they want to have a taste, and then they want to buy a bottle. It’s harder to do this if you can’t do tasting, can’t sell a couple of bottles. This bill really gives us this opportunity.”

The bill so far has passed two Iowa House committees but still must pass the full House, two Senate committees and the full Senate before heading to the governor’s desk for approval. If it does pass all of this, it will be cheers for the State of Iowa.

[VIA QC Times]

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