According to WalletHub, it's been a great week for Iowa! We told you a few days ago that Iowa isn't one of the worst states in America to take a road trip, and now we're happy to report that we're not one of the least independent states, either! In fact, Iowa just missed the top 10 list of the most independent states in the whole country.

WalletHub used 39 different sub-categories to determine their rankings, grouping them into five overall categories: financial dependency, government dependency, job market dependency, international trade dependency, and vice dependency.

Iowa came in at number 11 on the list, ranking 5th for 'financial dependency,' 10th for 'government dependency,' and 3rd for 'job market dependency.' The only two categories we didn't do great in were 'international trade dependency' and 'vice dependency,' coming in 30th and 26th place.

When you break it down even further, Iowa looks pretty darn good. We tied for 3rd in the nation in the 'highest employer-based retirement access & participation' sub-category, tied for first for 'lowest unemployment rate,' and came in 3rd for 'lowest percentage of adult drug users.' Additionally, we tied for 5th for 'lowest percentage of adults with gambling disorders.'

Unfortunately, there is one sub-category we did horrible in, and that's the 'highest percentage of adult binge drinkers.' We were the 3rd highest in the country. Oops!

Utah, Nebraska, and Massachusetts were the top 3 most independent states in America, while Kentucky, Alaska, and Mississippi were the most independent. You can check out more results from the study HERE.

[Via WalletHub]

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