Stress is something absolutely EVERYONE deals with, but overall, people in some states have it much worse than others.

The website WalletHub recently used "38 key indicators of stress" to figure out the most and least stressed states across the country. Those indicators include things like divorce rates, housing affordability, credit scores, and crime rates. If you read the headline of this blog, then you know that Iowa did pretty darn well. We came in at #48, which means, according to this study, we are the 4th least stressed state in the nation! Woo hoo!

When you break it down, Iowa ranked 36th for "work-related stress," 46th for "money-related stress," 47th for "family-related stress," and 49th for "health and safety-related stress." We also did really well for "average hours of sleep per night," coming in at number 48, and for "affordable housing," where we are first in the entire country! Unfortunately, we did rank poorly in one category. Iowa is apparently the second worst state for "job security." Yikes.

Overall, Louisiana, New Mexico, and West Virginia are the three most stressed out states, while Minnesota, North Dakota, and Utah are the least.

You can check out more results from the study HERE.

[Via WalletHub]

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