An Iowa man was killed over the weekend while hunting in the central part of the state.

Saturday was the first day of the first shotgun deer hunting season in the state of Iowa, bringing out tons of hunters. Unfortunately, one man was shot and killed while hunting with a large group on the Whitebreast Arm of Lake Red Rock, northeast of Knoxville and southwest of Pella, in Marion County. The shooting happened at approximately 2:45 p.m. Saturday afternoon, December 4.

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According to KIMT, 37-year-old Nathan A. Sharpnack of Winterset, Iowa was killed while taking part in a deer drive. According to Hunter-Ed, a deer drive is designed to get deer to move out of their hiding place, not run. The website goes on to say,

Driving involves a group of hunters, some acting as “drivers” and others as “posters.”
Drivers spread out across a field or woods and push game out of cover.
Posters take positions at the end of the cover to intercept game pushed out by the drivers.
The success of a drive depends on good organization and being familiar with the terrain.
It is critical that everyone involved in the drive is aware of the position of other drivers and posters. Wear fluorescent orange, and never shoot in the direction of another hunter.

An investigation into the shooting death is being conducted and an autopsy is being conducted by the Iowa Office of the State Medical Examiner.

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