Some will laugh at the title, but the results of a new study are anything but funny. Two of Iowa's drunkest cities are college towns, which shouldn't come as a huge surprise, I suppose. It's a short drive from Cedar Rapids to the three Iowa cities among the 20 drunkest in America.

Number 19 on the list is Ames, a city home to only about 20 bars. However, nearly 23 percent of adults reported that they'd drank excessively in the last month. Fifteen percent of Ames' driving deaths involve alcohol, half the nationwide percentage of 30.

The 14th city on the list of Drunkest in America is Dubuque. A whopping 40 percent of vehicle fatalities involve alcohol and 23 percent of adults said they've drunk in excess in the last 30 days. Dubuque is estimated to have 33 bars. The report from 247Wallst says,

Of all deadly accidents in the metro area, 40% involve alcohol, one of the largest such shares in the country and well above the comparable 25.4% share of deadly accidents statewide.

The final Iowa city on the list is, indeed, Iowa City. Checking in at #13, the city's driving deaths related to alcohol is 17.7 percent and 23.1 percent of adults claimed they had drunk excessively in the last 30 days. Iowa City has around 45 bars.

Number one on the list, actually worst in this case, is Green Bay, Wisconsin. The home to the Packers of the NFL has a metro filled with 26.5 of adults who drink excessively and 50.5 percent of vehicle-related deaths involve alcohol. The city has a whopping 138 bars.

The 247Wallst report is based on the CDC's guidelines on excessive and/or binge drinking. Excessive is considered five (men) and four (women) or more alcoholic beverages during one drinking occasion while binge drinking is 15 per week, for men, and eight per week, for women.

247Wallst also came up with a list of the 20 driest cities in America. Unfortunately, not a single Iowa city is on that list.

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