[UPDATED 10/9 8 a.m.] Former Des Moines Lincoln assistant football coach Jason Storm was arrested and booked into the Polk County Jail early this morning. He's been charged with Harassment, following a verbal altercation against a football referee during last Friday evening's game against West Des Moines Dowling. It happened after an official didn't call a helmet to helmet hit on his son, the team's quarterback. Video of the play is at the bottom of this story.

Phil Roeder of the Des Moines Public Schools said earlier this week that he believes the referee should take responsibility for the "dangerous missed call." He told KCCI,

We think, at a minimum, they should look at this tape and this what appears to be a textbook situation where the flag should have been thrown. We hope the referee realizes his mistake because, clearly, there was one. When you go back and hit replay, there it is -- clearly, a big missed call there.

Storm, who resigned after the incident, will appear before a judge this morning.

[ORIGINAL STORY] Emotions boiled over at a high school football game in central Iowa Friday night. It happened during a game between Des Moines Lincoln and West Des Moines Dowling.

Jason Storm, an assistant coach for Lincoln, became irate after what he believed to be an intentional and illegal helmet to helmet hit on the team's quarterback. The quarterback is Storm's son.

After a penalty was not called, Storm left the sideline (which is not allowed) and approached the Head Referee, who was in the offensive backfield when the hit occurred. A flag was immediately thrown by the referee and Storm continued to become more angry, to the point he was restrained by another coach. It's nothing you haven't seen before, and in the video below it doesn't appear he made contact with the referee. However, Storm could face a criminal charge.

In an interview with KCCI, Storm's attorney, Gary Dickey, says his client may be charged with harassment which would mean "he made a statement that another person found to be threatening." Jason Storm has resigned his position on the Lincoln coaching staff.

Thankfully, Storm's son wasn't seriously injured on the play.

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