Every state has their own qualities whether they're good, bad, or just plain strange. In fact, you can tell quite a bit about a state just by looking at how much of something they have. Estately put together a list of 'What Each State Has More Of Per Capita Than Any Other State' based on findings from 2015. You would think Iowa would have the most corn, or maybe the most pigs, but nope. We have the most...lost chickens?

Ok, we probably do have a lot of chickens, but why are so many of them lost!? How do you even lose a chicken? It's not like they can fly long distances away!


According to Estately, the USDA reported that 27 million chickens were "lost", meaning “rendered, died, destroyed, composted, or disappeared for any reasons except sold during the 12-month period.” So, it's not like people's pet chickens are getting lost roaming the streets of Iowa. Although, what's actually happening to the "lost" chickens really isn't any better. On the bright side, we did have the "highest percentage of people who are drug free, the fewest killers, and the most eggs produced in 2015" as stated in the article.

Lost chickens may be a weird thing to have a lot of, but at least it's better than some other states. When compared to Kansas' pornography pageviews, Oregon's selling cigarettes to kids, and Arkansas' hate groups, lost chickens isn't so bad.

We are a little jealous of Georgia though. And if you don't know which one that is on the map, it's colored pink and above Florida.


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