Say what you want about Iowa, but at least we're less stressed here than almost everywhere else in the U.S.!

WalletHub has released their annual list of the most and least stressed states in America, and once again, Iowa did very well. They used 40 "key indicators of stress" to determine their list, including crime rates, divorce rates, credit scores, and job security. We came in at number 45, ranking 46th for money-related stress, 44th for health and safety-related stress, 41st for work-related stress. We also came in 4th for most average hours of sleep per night, and 1st for most affordable housing! Minnesota, Utah, Massachusetts, and North and South Dakota are the only states to beat us overall. They're obviously not saying that none of us in these states aren't stressed (because I'm sure most of us are), they're just saying that it could be worse!

So, which states have the most stressed out people? You'll want to avoid Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

Check out the rest of the results from the study HERE!

[Via WalletHub]

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