According to a new report from the Humane Society, Iowa has once again been named as one of the worst states in the country for problem puppy mills. The report says that Iowa has the second most puppy mills in the nation. Only Missouri has more. A puppy mill is a type of breeder who puts animals up for sale without regard for their care or living conditions.

13 Iowa dog breeders were on the Humane Society's 'Horrible Hundred' list for the worst puppy mills and puppy sellers in the country. So what should potential buyers do when looking for a new puppy from a breeder? Experts say that reputable breeders will allow you on their property and check out the conditions. They should also let you spend some time with the dog you plan to adopt.

Experts say to avoid pet stores that are selling puppies at higher than normal prices. Adopting from the Humane Society or other animal shelters is also an option. If you do go with a breeder, do your research and make sure they are on the up and up!


[via KWWL]

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