Ashlyn Clark is a winner who has been dealt a very tough hand. The weekend she held her party to celebrate her upcoming graduation from Humboldt High School, Ashlyn was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. She had to leave the team to receive treatment but has since returned.

Monday night, was Senior Night at Humboldt. Ashlyn had never hit a home run in her high school career. That changed Monday night.

Thursday afternoon, Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester, a survivor of non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, sent the tweet below.

The hashtag Lester used, #NVRQT, stands for Never Quit. You can bet Ashlyn won't, with her strong faith at her side. Though I'm sure she'll love her visit to Wrigley Field, there's something else I know Ashlyn wants even more. A state championship. Humboldt finished 5th at the state tournament in 2017 and 3rd last year, their best finish ever. They play in the regionals tonight in Humboldt. If they win tonight, they'll be just a single victory away from returning to the tournament in Fort Dodge.

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