When you want to help, you can do it. No matter how small you are.

Meet 4-year-old Kendell Riley of Camanche, Iowa. Kendell celebrated her 4th birthday in late April and in anticipation of the big day she didn't provide others with a list of presents she wanted. Nope. Instead, she asked for donations for animals. Specifically those at the Clinton Humane Society. Kendell came through for them in a big way.

According to the Clinton Herald, a stray cat came to the Riley family home early this year. After keeping it in the garage for a while, the family realized there was no way they could keep it. You see they already had a dog and two cats in the home and a fourth animal inside just wasn't doable. That's where the Clinton Humane Society comes in.

Riley's mom, Kristin, took the cat to the Clinton Humane Society, much to the displeasure of little Kendell who was concerned about who would care for the feline.

The Clinton Herald reports that in March, about a month before Kendell's birthday, her mom asked if she'd like to help feed the Humane Society's animals through its Adopt-A-Cage. Kendell loved the idea and the two went to work.

Kristin announced on Facebook that in lieu of presents, Kendell wanted to donate to animals at the Clinton Humane Society. Cards, donations, and physical gifts began to roll in.

Last weekend, Kendell visited the Clinton Humane Society and made everyone's day, not just the animals. She donated enough cash to care for two cages for an entire year. And she brought along that jam-packed laundry basket below. All told, it was nearly $450 worth of donations.

Great job, Kendell... and to your mom Kristin, too. That is one proud smile, and rightfully so.

Clinton Humane Society
Clinton Humane Society

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