The Iowa men's basketball team will wrap up the regular season Sunday evening when they play at Illinois. The game is a rematch of a heated game early this season in Iowa City when the two teams didn't even shake hands at the end of the contest. And now that Illinois lost Thursday night to Ohio State, the 4th seed in the Big Ten Tournament is up for grabs.

That #4 seed is important because it's the final double-bye of the postseason tournament. Win on Sunday, and you go right to Friday's quarterfinals of the Big Ten Tournament. Both Iowa and Illinois have byes in Wednesday's play-in round.

Illinois is 12-7 in Big Ten play. They had their title hope dashed with the loss to Ohio State. Maryland, Michigan State, and Wisconsin are all 13-6 and would have to all lose their finales this weekend for the Illini to have a shot.

Iowa is 11-8 in the Big Ten. That's tied for fifth place with Ohio State and Penn State. If Iowa wins at Illinois it would take the #4 seed since it would then hold tiebreakers against Ohio State, Penn State, and Illinois.

GO HAWKS! Get that double-bye!

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