An Iowa man who fell in love with tennis as a child now welcomes people from all over the U.S. to play in his yard. You just have to make a reservation.

Mark Kuhn of rural Charles City loves tennis. He's a Volunteer Court Attendant at the All England Club in London for the Wimbledon tennis tournament that started earlier this week. However, Mark need only look to his front yard to be reminded of the famed sports venue. He has a full-size replica right in his own yard.

Mark spends an hour each day keeping it perfectly manicured. It even has its own irrigation system. Kuhn tells KCCI, "It's very similar to a golf green. We mow it with a mower. It is my passion. It's a great time for me, the way it works out. The corn is laid by now. The beans are sprayed. I'm just ready to host people on my grass tennis court."

Reservations are required, money is not. You see, despite all the work involved in keeping it up, Kuhn doesn't accept money. After all, as he said, it's his passion. You can reserve time for a set or two here.

[via KCCI]

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