As a parent, I can tell you that there is no more a thrilling moment than hearing your baby's heartbeat in the doctor's office for the first time. Suddenly parenthood becomes a reality! Now, imagine the experience of hearing not one, not two, but THREE heartbeats during that doctor's appointment! Congrats mom and dad! You're having triplets!

That is exactly the surprise that Kellee and Nick Briggs of Ankeny, Iowa got when they went to their ultrasound appointment back in 2020. But as KCCI reports, their dreams of carrying those triplets to term were quickly dashed during that very same appointment. After hearing the amazing news that they were pregnant with triplets, doctors told the Briggs that two of the babies wouldn't survive. The news was crushing, but the couple was still blessed with the healthy birth of their son Chase.

But then, something amazing happened. The couple decided that they wanted to try to have more children. And when they went in for that initial ultrasound appointment to hear their baby's heartbeat, guess what they were told? You guessed it. Triplets! Again! To say that this was a miracle would be an understatement. What are the odds of a couple becoming pregnant naturally with triplets twice? 1 in 64 million.

Mom Kellee talked to KCCI about not wanting to get too attached to the little heartbeats because of the heartbreak of her previous pregnancy. But don't worry. This triplet story has a happy ending. Born at 32 weeks, The Briggs family welcomed Aiden, Issac, and Adeline to the fold. Born early, but born healthy. Welcome to the world of having four kids under the age of two!

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