In most states, what happened in Buffalo Center, Iowa last night is unthinkable. It was a community showing love to a family that is going through what thousands of others are around the nation. The battle with COVID-19.

A young man who graduated from North Iowa Community School District in Buffalo Center in 2013 has been stricken with the virus. He now lives in the Twin Cities, where he's hospitalized. When community members learned he was sick, they had an idea. They invited people to get together at the school's football stadium last night and parade by the family's home in their vehicles in a show of support. And man, oh man, did they show up.

Google Maps
Google Maps

A post on the school's Facebook page estimated more than 250 cars joined in the drive past the family's home. You should know Buffalo Center has a population of less than 900.

You can see a few photos from last night's parade of love below. Our very best to this young man and his family. Please be safe.

Parade of Love in Buffalo Center, Iowa

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