WalletHub ranked all 50 states based on 17 indicators of weight-related problems, and Iowa found itself almost directly in the middle of the list.

According to a new report, over 75% of American adults are either overweight or obese. Why? Well aside from genetics, emotional issues, and lack of sleep, it has a lot to do with inactivity. A study from 2015 reveled that about 81.6 million Americans were completely inactive. No physical activity at all. Take that and add in a poor diet, and you've got yourself a deadly combination.

WalletHub took a look at factors like percentage of adults and children that are overweight or obese, percentage of people with high cholesterol, percentage of people with diabetes, and other key indicators to determine which states are the "fattest." Iowa came in at number 22. The top three states were all in the south: Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, while the bottom three states were Utah, Colorado, and New Jersey.

See where the rest of the states land on the list HERE.

[Via WalletHub]