How would you feel if your driver's license was just a click away? Well, that could soon be a reality here in the state of Iowa.

Personally, I'm a fan of the idea. I've lost or misplaced my I.D. more times than I can count, but my phone never leaves my hand, so it would be good to know that I always have it with me, just in case. There are some people who have some concerns, though. Some business owners think that the digital licenses could be easy to alter, making it more difficult to prove authenticity. Other people are concerned about the safety of the rest of the information on their phones. Hopefully, these issues are being taken seriously by the people creating the app.
If you're not a fan of the idea, there is some good news: when the new system launches, you will still receive a  physical license at the DMV, but you will also have the option to get the app.
How do you feel about the possibility of a digital driver's license? Let us know in the comments!
[Via CBS 2]

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