Everyone has an off day here or there, right? We are all, after all, human. Still, there's a certain level of intelligence one must poses even on their worst day in order to, say, drive a motor vehicle.

For one unnamed West Union motorist, yesterday (June 22) was not his/her day. The Fayette County Newspapers;' Facebook shared a hilarious photo of an SUV stuck in fresh, recently poured cement.

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The... incident... happened at the 200 block of North Vine Street according to the Facebook post. What's almost as bad, once they released their error, they hopped out of the vehicle and abandoned it! As if that will just make the problem go away.

As of today, June 23, there is no update on who the driver is, or why they drove right into wet cement, then proceeded to exit the vehicle and scoot.

At least we'll always have a photo to remember their mistake...


So what caused this mishap? Certainly, there was a "road closed" sign or even a "caution: wet cement" marker somewhere near this road. Undoubtedly this motorist is familiar with West Union as, sorry West Union, they don't get a lot of out-of-town tourists driving through in the middle of the week.

Let the speculation begin... let your imagination run rampant. Let the dumb Iowa driver's comments flow.

Now it could be worse, an idiot driver in our neighbors to the north Minnesota, did over $100,000 in damage back in 2018 driving into some wet cement. Oh, and he was 95 which could spark a whole 'nother conversation...


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