Salt and Pepper, Macaroni and Cheese, Bacon and Eggs, Iowa and Busch Light Beer. All of these match together in perfect harmony. After recently moving to this state I've constantly heard about Busch Light being Iowa's beer of choice and I wanted to know why. According to The Daily Iowan 

"Why is Busch Light the beer of Iowa? Simple. It’s a reflection of an ethic of humility that resides in Iowans."

Personally, I just think it tastes great and they're cheap. Whether you're floating down a river, out with friends, or watching the big game, you can't go wrong with a good old Latte. Despite what Iowans think, we definitely drink these in Minnesota too. The thing about enjoying a beer, or 5, is you need a trusty sidekick. Batman had Robin, Conan O'Brien had Andy Ritcher, even Michael from the Office had Dwight. Let me introduce you to, Brew.

Yesterday was national puppy day and some huge news was announced about this Iowan dog. He has made it to the "Final Fur" of Busch Lights MVP race and could be the face of the new Busch Dog Brew Flavor.

I was actually able to find Brew's owner Anna and ask her a few questions about him. She adopted him when he was 8 years old and has been with him for the past two years. She wanted to give him a fresh start, name him something unique, and something fun, so she decided on the name Brew because of "her love for beer."  I also asked what Brew would do if he won $20,000 and she said

"If Brew had $20,000 he would spend it on a nice couch to lay on and an endless supply of squishy treats (he hates the crunchy ones). He’s a lazy old boy who loves lounging, but also loves to party outside and comes everywhere with me."

Brew also loves going for walks, riding shotgun, and bringing Anna all sorts of "gifts" when she gets home. Who doesn't need a good lint roller?

Anna Fleming
Anna Fleming


Anna Fleming
Anna Fleming

 If Brew is chosen as the winner, he will be featured on 40K+ Busch Light cans, receive $20,000, pet insurance, and stock options. He will also be immediately placed amongst fellow Iowa legends. I might've made that part up, but still, how cool is this? An Iowa dog, representing Iowa's favorite beer. Be sure to vote for Brew as voting runs now until March 29th. 

You can vote on Instagram or Twitter by going to Busch Beer, finding the Final Fur picture, and voting with #TeamBrew


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