An Iowa City man robbed a store on Friday, and was caught thanks to the trail he left behind.

At about 11:20 pm Friday, police were called to Creekside Market in Iowa City because of a robbery. Police didn't have to look far to find the suspect, 20-year-old Francisco J. Munoz, as he was only 100 yards away from the store at the time. Munoz was carrying two cases of Corona, he was covered in nacho cheese, and there was a trail of snacks and lottery tickets leading from the store right to him. Not surprisingly, Munoz was found to be intoxicated, with a BAC of .270 percent. Also not surprisingly, Munoz was arrested.

This story made me laugh a little bit, because people were making jokes that it was me who committed the crime! Hey, just because I love nacho cheese doesn't mean I love to wear it! Ok, maybe SOMETIMES...


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