You may think that you've been to some interesting weddings, but ya ain't seen nothin' yet.

This wedding went up in a good way! April Jennifer Choi and Bethany Byrnes wed on October 13 at Camp Tanager in Mt. Vernon, according to the Kansas City Star. The two women said their vows dressed in their beautiful white gowns, which weren't white for long. That's because they lit them on fire!! Yes, you read that correctly. After they said their "I dos" they had the trains of their dresses LIT ON FIRE. Don't worry though, they were very safety oriented. They were wearing tear-away dresses (so they had removable skirts) that also had a slow burning material attached to it. Plus they were wearing cotton leggings underneath for protection and had people standing by with extinguishers just in case.

See for yourself. You can hear in the video the emcee say "Fire extinguishers ready?....You may now LIGHT the brides. Three, two, one. Go!”

It was definitely an extravagant ceremony to say the least, which makes sense for this couple. They are both variety entertainers and include "fire-eating and breathing among their talents" as reported in South West News Service. Being in the industry also helped keep them safe as they had industry friends in attendance that included a certified pyrotechnic, medic, and fire performers.

Every single thing we could think of that could possibly go wrong, we had contingency plans,” April told the SWNS.

Oh, and if you're cringing watching expensive wedding dresses go up in flames--Don't. According to the Kansas City Star, they bought their dresses from a thrift store so don't be too disturbed.

Their wedding was clearly a huge success and we hope that their marriage is the same. Congrats!

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