It's hard enough to get some kids to clean their rooms, let alone the environment.

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According to KWWL, a third-grader in Waterloo has been picking up trash on his way to school every morning. Dallas Schultz is the young man who has been doing his part to make a change in the environment. Every morning on his walk to school, Dallas grabs some plastic bags and picks up any trash he can find on his way.

Dallas told KWWL that he got the idea to start picking up trash after his teacher told him about things like oil spills and trash everywhere around the world. Dallas told KWWL, "It made me feel, why not pick it up."

Dallas' mom Deiryana didn't even know he was doing this until his teacher told her that Dallas showed up to school with trash bags and asked if he could throw it away in a school trash can.

The fact that a 9-year-old boy has more respect for the environment than a lot of adults is incredible. I think that we all could learn a little something from Dallas. Imagine if all of us took time to pick up trash in our own neighborhoods, how much better off our environment would be.

Let's all take inspiration from Dallas and try to be better humans. Oh, and don't litter! Mother nature thanks you.

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