The scene above, someone talking on a cellphone while driving, would become a thing of the past if a new Iowa bill becomes law. The bill would prohibit any use of a cellphone when you're behind the wheel unless you're using it in the hands-free mode. Currently, texting while driving is outlawed in Iowa.

The bill has moved past an Iowa Senate subcommittee, but House Speaker Linda Upmeyer says she'll need additional information before pledging her support. She does say, though, lawmakers hear from many Iowans who are fed up with distracted driving.

Republican Senator Tim Kapucian of Keystone says,

Your phone calls would be either Bluetooth or sync or integrated feature on your car so you have your hands and eyes on the road.

The bill, which calls for a $100 fine for offenders, now goes to committee. If someone using a phone is in an accident, their driver's license could be suspended and they could face higher fines. KCCI says changes to the bill may follow during its next step, in committee. In its current state, health care professionals and public safety workers who are on duty would be exempt..

If the bill becomes law, Iowa would become the 18th state to allow drivers only hands-free use of cell phones.

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